1. Can I make a "normal" reservation?

    The Inn uses a special ticketing system for some major holidays, specifically Valentine's Day. We do not take 'normal' reservations during these dates. Dining tickets for those holidays are purchased online through our website. For other dates you can make a reservation through our website at or by calling us.

  2. Why are you selling tickets on Valentine's Day?

    The Inn of the Seventh Ray is known as one of the most romantic dining experiences in Los Angeles. As such we are inundated with requests on Valentine's Day. Ticketing allows us to anticipate who is coming in and to give guests an all-encompassing experience at the best price possible. We want everyone to enjoy this special evening at the Inn if they'd like to, but only by issuing tickets are we able to accommodate diners to our capacity while delivering the expected quality in food and service. We are offering the same prix fixe menu, optionally, during the entire weekend preceding February 14th. You can make reservations for those nights here:

  3. Do I have to purchase a prix fixe menu?

    On Valentine's Night we are only offering the 5-course prix fixe menu. If you'd rather dine a la carte we are running a similar menu for the entire weekend preceding February 14th. Our prix fixe menu will be optional on those nights but not compulsory. Also, we are serving our normal lunch menu that day until 2:30pm, so options abound.

  4. Why the different types of tickets?

    We offer Indoor or Outdoor tickets in addition to our Early Seating. The dining space at the Inn is roughly 80% outdoors. It's one of the few places in the city you can truly enjoy top-quality sustainable and organic farm-to-table fare in the middle of nature. We are nestled at the intersection of two creeks in the Santa Monica Mountains, surrounded by old oaks and sycamores and often have wildlife visitors creep by during service. Most of our outdoor tables are covered by beautiful canopies, so rain shouldn't be a problem. If rain does threaten, we will be offering full refunds for a limited amount of guests that purchased Outdoor tickets - past our February 7th deadline. Choose your ticket accordingly, only you know what would be best for your evening, and as space is limited, we offer preference on a first come first serve basis subject to ticket availability. (substantial heaters are spread throughout the property and blankets are available as well)

  5. What does my ticket include?

    When you purchase a ticket for Valentine's Day, that ticket includes the 5-course prix fixe meal and amuse bouche. Wine pairings, coffee, tea, craft beers, herbal elixirs and other drinks are not included but are available. In addition to the base cost, which represents the Vegetarian Prix Fixe menu, a Traditional Menu Choice Supplement is available for those that would like to open up the Meat & Fish dishes represented on the Traditional menu.

  6. Why is there a service fee added?

    Service is an integral part of your meal and, since you will not receive a bill for your meal during the dining experience, we are adding a service charge at the time of purchase. While you will likely receive some bill the night of your meal - for wine pairings, craft beers or other beverages - these items will not have a service fee added, essentially allowing you to modify your total service fee at your discretion.

  7. Are sales of tickets really really final?

    Yes. Sort of. The full amount will be charged to your card at the time of your booking. We do understand the need to book early, especially in Los Angeles, and that plans change, so we will accept cancellations and issue refunds with advance notice. The deadline for full refunds is February 7th, 2017 at midnight. Outdoor tickets will have a limited, more liberal refund policy if rain threatens the day. All tickets are transferable, so you can gift them or sell them to whomever you choose. More information is available in your confirmation email after purchase.

  8. Do you have a waitlist?

    We do. If your preferred time is sold out and your night isn't very flexible, please add yourself to our waitlist on and we will reach out in an attempt to accommodate you. We will also attempt to connect guests on the waitlist with guests that might be trying to sell or cancel their ticket.

  9. I'm running late! What should I do?

    If you are within 15-minutes of your ticket time, don't fret, we'll save your table for you. As we are located on a 2-lane road, we understand that accidents and such can affect your arrival time, but please keep that in mind as well. If you are running more than 15-minutes late please give us a call and we will will extend that grace period to 30 minutes if at all possible. If you know you are going to be more than a half an hour late, we can not promise your table will be available, as tickets have been sold in advance for a certain amount of time after your ticket. We will likely still be able to get you in, but it may be quite a bit later in the night. We'll try and work with you of course. Please call us to discuss if this is the situation you find yourself in.

  10. Is there a dress code?

    Not particularly, as we often get guests just back from a hike or the beach, but on Val